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Bruce and Evelyn

Evelyn and I started our journey together 31 years ago. We have always lived in Cincinnati and on the Westside. We have three children – two daughters and our son John.

Growing up Ev and I had similar backgrounds: not the best of childhoods. However, we managed to get through it and like most parents tried to provide our children with something better. We both believed in God; however, for me personally, I never really had a true relationship with him like I have now. Oh, I said my prayers everyday and prayed to him when I was in trouble or needed help with something, but never thanked him for all that he provides to us and does for us on a daily basis.

We spent many years going from church to church, not really knowing what we were looking for. All we knew was that we couldn’t find it. John had heard Pastor Bradley on the radio and at first thought he was from somewhere else in the country rather than right here. He and Angie started coming and asked us to join them. I remember telling Ev, when we left the first time, what a “diamond in the ruff” this church is. How did we ever miss it?

Well it’s taken quite awhile, however, we found it and our search had ended. Our prayers had been answered. We saw immediately that it was so different from any other church we had attended. Everyone seemed genuinely nice and the preaching was different – only in a good, refreshing way. Everything Pastors Bradley and Huffman were talking about was unrehearsed, unmanipulated truth from the Bible. Two different styles, both delivering the same message. Challenging us to live up to our Christian responsibilities and still offering us hope, help, and strength with our daily lives.

Sometimes on Sunday I just stand off to the side and take everything in. All the little kids having a good time with one another. The wide diversity in members. Everyone getting along, no matter what age or background they come from. Listening, sharing, and truly caring about one another. It’s like a family reunion every Sunday. This is our home and we are all family.

I can remember in years past, Ev and I would sit in the back of the church, so we could make our quick get-away after the sermon was over, really not seeing a need to stay. She and I have learned that it’s the culmination of the preaching, fellowship, daily reading of the Bible and prayer that make it all work.

It used to be easy to find reasons not to go to church. Now we look forward to coming and joining in on everything we can.

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