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Refiners Fire

The Refiner’s Fire

A study in the book of Malachi

Malachi brings God’s message to a discouraged people. They had returned from captivity but their expectations had not been realized. They had anticipated a day of prosperity but have endured drought and poverty. The long-awaited Messiah had not arrived.

They are now skeptical with regard to God’s promises. Their love for God had grown cold and they asked for proof that God still loved them. Malachi attempts to change their attitude, assuring them of God’s love for them. He comes with the burden of the word of the Lord—it is a revelation from God that carries his authority.

By Lasserre Bradley, Jr., Senior Pastor

Christ Has Made Us Free

A study in the book of Galatians

Free at last!

Galatians has been called “the Christian’s Declaration of Independence,” because Paul is at once expressing the power of Christ to deliver us from this evil age (libertinism), and from works-based religion (legalism).

They are all, in the end, expressions of self-salvation, of not relying on the cross by faith to deliver us from every evil — boredom and indifference to Christ, as well as personal pride and self-righteousness.

Join Justin Huffman as we enjoy together the supernatural, unrestrained liberty of being beautifully, eternally free through faith in the sufficiency of Christ’s work at the cross!

By Justin Huffman, Associate Pastor



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2.1.19 Video of Gospel Work in India

The ministry of indigenous pastor A. Gunasekaran in Tamil Nadu, India

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1.1.19 Get our Daily Devotion app

Join tens of thousands of Christians from around the globe who are daily being grounded in the grace of God by means of short, practical, spiritual devotions each morning!

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1.31.19 Men’s Breakfast

Nothing is more manly than being a true man of God.

Our men’s (and boys!) breakfast is a great opportunity to build our relationship with each other and with our God.

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1.20.19 Change for Life

Pick up an empty baby bottle at the church, fill it with your spare change (or bills/check!) to benefit the work of Pregnancy Care of Cincinnati — a crisis-pregnancy, gospel-based ministry.

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